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McKinney’s Home for Quality Family Dentistry

Genuine Trustworthy
Approach to Dentistry

We show you what we see through intraoral images, and explain the recommended dental treatment with the assistance of dental education videos. The final choice in the treatment is always yours.

Same Day
Dental Emergencies

Are you experiencing a bad toothache? A broken tooth? Don’t worry – Dr. Patel sees emergency cases in record time, providing much-needed relief.

Affordable Dental Care

For nearby patients with dental insurance, we'll maximize your benefits. For patients without dental insurance, we offer an in-house plan as well as third-party financing to make dental care affordable.


Meet Dr. Patel

Whether you’re in need of brand-new teeth with state-of-the-art dental implants, interested in dazzling cosmetic solutions, or simply overdue for a routine checkup, Dr. Patel wants to be the dentist you turn to for years to come. He will always take his time to understand your unique goals, create a comfortable experience, and leave your smile looking and feeling better than ever before by the end of the treatment process. He and his team can’t wait to welcome you in soon!


A Refreshing Approach to Dentistry

The dentist’s office probably isn’t your favorite place to visit, but it shouldn’t have to be a dreaded experience either. The Outlook team always goes the extra mile to create a wonderful experience that’s smooth, simple, and free of unnecessary stress.


Bring You the Latest in Dental Comfort

The dental field is constantly changing for the better, and Dr. Patel is committed to staying right at the forefront of new developments for the sake of his patients. That’s why our dental office is fully outfitted with modern tools that help make visits more efficient and comfortable, including a Cone Beam scanner for three-dimensional X-rays, a digital impression system, and much more!

Our Featured Dental Services

Top-Level Care for your Smile


Paying For Dental Care Has Never Been Simpler

We’re experts at navigating the in’s and out’s of dental insurance and helping our patients make the most of their coverage! If you ever have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let us know.


Frequently ask questions

Top-Level Care for your Smile

  • How often do I need to see a dentist?

    It’s essential that you maintain two six-month dental checkups and cleanings each year. Dr. Patel can easily examine and review your oral health, catching any signs of decay, damage, or infection early on. This allows our team to establish an appropriate treatment plan before the problem worsens and cannot be reversed.

  • Do I need to see an outside specialist for dental implants?

    Fortunately, you can stay in one convenient location! Instead of seeking a referral for implant placement, we provide the entire start-to-finish process here in-house. Not only are we skilled and equipped to perform this procedure, but we’ll also make sure that your custom restoration looks and feels completely natural once it is firmly in place.

  • Will it hurt to wear Invisalign?

    Unlike traditional braces that need to be tightened every few weeks, Invisalign only uses clear, plastic aligners. However, when first receiving your trays or switching them out to a new set every 1-2 weeks, you can expect some minor discomfort. This is because your teeth are shifting, which naturally causes some soreness. The good news is that you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever to alleviate discomfort. Also, it should not last longer than a few days.

  • Do you accept my dental insurance?

    Yes, we welcome PPO dental insurance plans and are always ready to help patients save on their treatments. Even if we’re out of network, we’ll work to identify ways you can save while continuing to receive world-class dental care. On our website, we’ve provided a list of the many PPO providers we work with, so don’t hesitate to review this information or give us a call.

  • What if I can’t afford the dentist?

    If you’re uninsured, you can always ask about enrolling in our in-house membership plan. For one low fee, you receive access to basic preventive care as well as discounts on other major services. You can also sign up for flexible financing through CareCredit, which makes it easy to spread out the cost of treatment so that you can more easily pay it off.


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